Black History Month 2021
Carpmaels & Ransford hosts a series of events on race and ethnicity

Carpmaels & Ransford marked Black History Month 2021 with a series of internal events looking at race and ethnicity.

On 5th October, the firm hosted an event with criminal defence barrister Abimbola Wingate-Saul, who talked about tackling racism and promoting understanding of crime and its causes, as well as her role leading the Independent Insight and Scrutiny Board which aims to build a more inclusive police service.

To end the month, the firm is hosting a carnival event with traditional Caribbean food and music. The firm will be joined by designer Azaria Gairy who will be talking about the history of Notting Hill Carnival and the traditional carnival costumes which her and her team create.

Members of the Carpmaels Race & Ethnicity Group have also been sharing insights throughout the month on a range of topics including Caribbean cooking, inspirational Black musicians and composers, and diversity in the film and television industry.

These events are the latest in a series of initiatives focused on supporting diversity. The firm recently partnered with Generating Genius to host a virtual open day for 13 Black undergraduate STEM students and also signed up to provide paid internship positions to Black students through the 10,000 Black Interns programme in 2022.