International Women’s Day 2022
Carpmaels & Ransford hosts event with Gill Whitty-Collins

This International Women’s Day, Carpmaels & Ransford is hosting an event with Gill Whitty-Collins, author of “Why Men Win at Work”.

Gill was born near Liverpool in 1970, the youngest of three sisters. After attending the local comprehensive high school, she went on to study at Cambridge University. Upon graduating, she joined Procter & Gamble, where she led global brands such as Olay, Always and Pantene, and swiftly moved up the ladder to Marketing Director, General Manager and finally Senior Vice President.

Gill now shares her story and vision to inspire people to join the force to make gender inequality history.

Managing Partner Hugh Goodfellow, comments: ““Why Men Win at Work” is a powerful analysis of the invisible, unconscious and unintended barriers that exist in the workplace. We are really pleased to welcome Gill to the firm and we look forward to hearing her unique insights and practical advice on tackling the gender inequality issue.”

Improving diversity and inclusion at all levels is a top priority for Carpmaels & Ransford. Over the past couple of years, we have taken steps to reduce bias in our recruitment initiatives. We have introduced a core skills development programme, the aim of which is to ensure everyone is supported to reach their full potential. Additionally, we have significantly enhanced our policies and we are also developing a number of further initiatives to support the development of female employees and working parents.