Aidan Bell Gutierrez

Technical Assistant

Aidan joined the firm in 2020 as a Trainee Patent Attorney in the Engineering & Tech teams after graduating from Imperial College London with a bachelors degree in physics. He has an enthusiasm for all areas of physics with a particular interest in quantum mechanics and environmental physics.

His final year project involved investigating different designs of solar cyclone towers as a new renewable source of electricity and water. The tower functioned by using the sun’s heat to cause a thermal updraft up a large chimney to spin turbines. Additionally, the tower could be used as a method to sequester and store carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere by freezing the CO2 out of the air using vortex tubes.

During his spare time Aidan loves to be out on the water competing in sailing events around the country. He is also a keen rock climber and skier (which he also claims is technically a water sport).


  • Physics (Imperial College London)