Alexander Worley


Alex is part of the Engineering and Tech teams at Carpmaels & Ransford. He has extensive experience in prosecuting medical and engineering subject-matter across multiple jurisdictions and coordinating large families from the priority and PCT stages to the national and regional phases. This has included in-depth analysis of a large portfolio for identifying strengths and weaknesses in the client’s interests. Alex is also experienced in registered design protection in the UK and EU, as well as advising on filing strategy to encompass varying rules across the world. Whilst at Carpmaels & Ransford, Alex has also been involved in the high court litigation for a major dental technology company, finding experts, preparing expert reports and assisting in developing the overall case strategy.

Alex’s technical expertise includes drug delivery, minimally invasive surgery,  imaging for metrology, refrigeration, and heavy engineering. His PhD research encompassed high speed photography for the measurement of high rate events ranging from ballistic impacts to explosive testing, and matching these events to computer models.

In his spare time Alex enjoys tinkering with anything automotive or annoying the neighbours whilst he attempts to learn to play guitar and the piano.


  • MEng ACGI (Mech. Eng.)
  • PhD DIC (Mech. Eng.)
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Chartered Patent Attorney