Kathryn Plummer


Kathryn joined the Engineering and Tech teams at Carpmaels & Ransford in 2019. She graduated from Imperial College London with an MSci in Physics with a Year-in-Europe. For her Master’s thesis, which she undertook at the CNRS lab in Grenoble, France, she specialised in Cosmology.

Kathryn’s thesis involved writing a computational program in order to compare data observed by the Planck satellite with simulations of expected observations from the Euclid telescope. This allowed her to measure the size of clusters of galaxies and learn more about their relationship to dark matter. Kathryn completed an internship with Carpmaels & Ransford internship in 2018, and spent the summer before that teaching herself FORTRAN and writing code for a nuclear engineering consultancy in the US.

In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys reading novels and live music. She is also a Grade 8 pianist.


  • European Patent Attorney
  • MSci & ARCS in Physics with a Year-in-Europe (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine)
  • CertIP Certificate in Intellectual Property Law