Keith Howick


Keith joined the partnership in 1984, practising as a dual qualified Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney.

Keith became Senior Partner in 2003 and oversaw substantial structural change as well as an office move in 2010, all of which provided a platform for substantial growth, while retaining the cultural heart of the firm which is such a key factor in its success.

Keith was the first elected Managing Partner of the firm in 2012.

Keith retired from the Carpmaels partnership in 2014, and was appointed to the Board of IPReg in 2015, serving as a Patent Attorney Board member for the maximum term of six years, retiring in July, 2021.

Since then, IPReg has asked Keith to continue his service to the professions in the capacity of one of the two assessors of academic institutions and examination agencies providing qualification pathways for Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys. Such institutions and agencies require IPReg accreditation every five years. Keith and his assessor colleague have assessed and reported to IPReg on QMUL (2022/23) and the PEB (2022).

“A major player in the International Trademark Association, he is clued up on all the latest happenings in the trademark world."
WTR 1000


  • BA (Hons) (Engineering Science)
  • MA
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • Chartered Trade Mark Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • European Trade Mark Attorney