Molly Harte


Molly joined Carpmaels & Ransford in 2022 after working for another London-based IP firm. She has experience across the chemical field, having worked on a variety of cases covering catalysts, process chemistry, multilayer polymer films, drug delivery systems, and small molecule drugs.

Molly graduated with both a BA and an MSci degree in Natural Sciences from Pembroke College, Cambridge, specialising in Chemistry. Her MSci project investigated the potential use of aerosolised cellulose nanocrystals in geoengineering, particularly in stratospheric aerosol injection. This project involved different research groups, with their respective focuses being on physical atmospheric chemistry, biomaterials and atmospheric modelling simulations. She also completed a summer research project focusing on Li-air batteries.

Outside of work, Molly is a keen swimmer (although not a fast one). She particularly enjoys swimming somewhere scenic and can often be found in one of the Hampstead ponds. She also has a love of swimming outdoors in the winter – the colder the better!


  • Registered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • BA Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)
  • MSci Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)