Robert Mitchell


Rob joined the Engineering and Tech teams at Carpmaels & Ransford in 2019, after graduating from Worcester College, University of Oxford, with a first class Master’s degree in Computer Science. He specialised in theoretical Computer Science, including topics in category theory, categorical logic and categorical representation of quantum processes.

As part of his Master’s degree, Rob completed a third-year computational linguistics research project studying probabilistic inference of regular grammars, and in the following year a security-oriented project using bigraphical reactive systems for the modelling and verification of properties relating to fair-exchange protocols. He has also worked briefly in industry, implementing convolutional neural networks and other machine learning solutions for natural language processing, as a summer analyst in the financial services sector. For his work on a programming team developing procedurally-generated music, and for outstanding performance in examinations, Rob was awarded, respectively, the G-Research Prize for Most Innovative Project and an academic scholarship.

In his spare time Rob enjoys skiing holidays, light opera, and playing (highly) amateur darts.


  • European Patent Attorney
  • ­MCompSci (University of Oxford)
  • CertIP Certificate in Intellectual Property Law