Sarah Kent


Sarah is foremost interested in the commercial goals in hand and coming up with simple solutions in a creative manner.  Her strong grounding in biochemistry and related disciplines from studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge also means she enjoys getting into the nitty gritty of the technology.

Sarah joined Carpmaels & Ransford in 2001 and since then her experience has been diverse.  She has worked with a huge range of technologies in the life sciences area including antibodies, stem cell therapies, bacterial and viral vaccines, medical devices, drug screening and personalised medicines, DNA-based diagnostic assays, DNA sequence manipulation methods, protein arrays, transgenic animals, and protein purification methods to name a few.  Her clients have ranged from multinationals such as J&J, Novartis and UCB Pharma to exciting university spin outs and various other up and coming small biotechs.  These include Lumora (now ERBA Diagnostics Mannheim) for whom Sarah drafted and prosecuted the patents covering their platform technology.  Sarah is involved in the Europe-wide litigation for Novartis’s blockbuster hypertension therapy (Exforge) and is particularly interested in the patentability of human embryonic stem cells in Europe.

Outside of work, Sarah organizes the surprisingly hectic social life of her young son.  She is a bit of a foodie and loves a good cup of coffee.  Having played in orchestras all her life she is currently having a musical pause but hopes to get back into it soon.


  • MSci Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)
  • MA
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Certificate in IP Law