Pride Month 2021
Carpmaels & Ransford continues discussions about inclusivity in the workplace

Carpmaels & Ransford is marking this year’s Pride Month by hosting the latest in a series of talks focusing on inclusivity in the workplace. In June Rachel Reese from Global Butterflies, will be looking at trans and non-binary inclusivity in the workplace. Rachel established Global Butterflies in 2015 to bring awareness of trans and non-binary issues to the business sector and help businesses to create diverse and inclusive cultures through training and workshops.

Camilla Balleny, Lead Partner for Diversity & Inclusion at Carpmaels & Ransford said:

“We are really looking forward to hearing Rachel’s insights on promoting an inclusive workplace. With the pandemic making it difficult for many people to access vital LGBT communities and resources, it’s more important than ever that we continue to build a workplace where everyone is supported and able to excel.”

In addition to the talk from Global Butterflies, Carpmaels will be hosting an event from IP Out that considers Religion & The Experiences of Lesbian and Gay People.

These talks are the latest in a series of events the firm has hosted on diversity and inclusion issues. In March, Carpmaels & Ransford held its first Diversity & Inclusion Day, a whole day dedicated to the discussion of issues relating to race & ethnicity, LGBTQ+, wellbeing and gender equality. During LGBT+ History Month the firm hosted a series of discussions with writer Clare Summerskill who talked about the experiences of older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people living on the margins of society.