Peptides & Proteins

We continue to be entrusted with the protection of some of the most important innovations in the field of peptides and proteins

Peptides & Proteins

Invaluable technical understanding and sector knowledge in an established field

Inventions in this area have revolutionised therapy, diagnosis and research, most notably in the area of therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies. Our Biotechnology team has supported its clients on this exciting journey, having worked on some of the fundamental early patents for antibody humanisation, phage display and recombinant antigen vaccines, as far back as the 80s.

We handle patents and SPCs for inventions across the full range of this area, including antibodies, bispecifics, immunoconjugates, protein vaccines, small peptide therapeutics, cytokine fusions, recombinant and plasma derived blood proteins, and enzyme replacement therapy, to name just a few. We regularly advise our clients on issues that are particularly relevant to inventions in this field, such as the challenges stemming from the emerging biosimilars market.

Our Biotechnology team includes attorneys who specialise in this field and who have an unrivalled depth of technical understanding and sector knowledge. We have built this expertise over many years. We continue to be entrusted by large companies as well as start-ups with the protection of some of the most important innovations in this area, often for blockbuster and first-in-class products. As an example, we have worked with Johnson & Johnson for over 20 years and have helped them protect and defend some of their most important products, including Janssen Biotech’s antibody products STELARA®, DARZALEX® and SIMPONI®. We also represent Regeneron, for example, in connection with its PRALUENT® and DUPIXENT® products.