SPC Portfolio Strategy

We regularly devise and implement patent term extension strategies

SPC Portfolio Strategy

We have a wide experience of different patent term extension practices around Europe and the rest of the world

Our team has unmatched experience in advising on SPC portfolio strategy. We regularly co-ordinate SPC filings across Europe and have filed more SPC applications at the UK patent office than any other firm. We pride ourselves on having a global outlook and work together with local attorneys to advise our clients on their worldwide patent term extension strategy.

We devise SPC filing strategies that balance our clients’ needs for certainty with the best options for maximising exclusivity. These strategies extend to exploring complicated and often untested aspects of the law.

We also handle the logistics of keeping multiple simultaneous SPC applications per family on track through to grant, assisted by a team of local attorneys. This often includes coordinating any national appeals in each state.

Our team of highly experienced attorneys has supported clients in developing and executing SPC filing strategies for products across a wide range of technical areas, such as antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, antisense drugs, cell therapies, nanomedicines, small molecules and vaccines. These products include AFINITOR®, BESPONSA®, BEXSERO®, DARZALEX®, ILARIS®, MENVEO®, SIMPONI®, STELARA®, SPINRAZA® and TEGSEDI®.