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Carpmaels & Ransford

Our People

Premier universities, first class degrees, doctorates and prestigious
academic awards are the order of the day at Carpmaels & Ransford.
Without doubt, we are a firm packed with high achievers.

This is by design, not by accident. We seek and attract the best. Our firm
thrives on superb scientific knowledge, sustained powers of concentration
and the focussed intellect necessary to answer complex challenges.

Of course, intellectual prowess is the bedrock of our firm. However, there
are other important factors that contribute to the special energy one finds
within the firm. We are committed and enthusiastic individuals. We foster
a culture where everyone’s view is valued, not a stifling hierarchy. We
celebrate and value our heritage, but we are never held back by it. We work
with each other in a spirit of openness and co-operation, not in jealously
guarded domains.

Meet the people that are Carpmaels & Ransford LLP:

Meet the people that are Carpmaels & Ransford (Trade Marks) LLP:

Trade Mark Partners

Jonathan Day
Roger Lush


Keith Howick


Lara Elder

Support Staff

The support staff are integral members of the team, and are vital to the firm's success.

The professional staff are supported by trained and dedicated administrative staff who are highly experienced in all the relevant formalities of the UK Intellectual Property Office; the European Patent Office; WIPO; OHIM (Community Trade Marks and Designs) and other national overseas Patent and Trade Mark Offices. All our senior records and formalities staff have many years’ experience in dealing with fee payments, due dates and the formal requirements of IP law involved in the work of a firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys.

The firm uses Inprotech, a specialist IP business management system, which links attorneys, support and accounting staff and provides a portal to external information systems. The firm continues to play a leading role in the development of this system with CPA Global.

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