UPC Representation

We are one of the few firms that can use the same team to handle parallel disputes in the EPO, UPC and UK courts

Representing you at the UPC

Our expertise is your advantage

The upcoming UPC (Unified Patent Court) is the biggest change to European IP law in five decades. At Carpmaels & Ransford we are here to help you navigate these upcoming changes to the European patent system and represent you each step of the way.

Our highly specialised teams of European patent attorneys and litigators can advise you on how best to use this new court. More than 50 of our team will have full rights as UPC representatives, and we have already been providing bespoke advice for many clients keen to use the new court. We look forward to seeing our strategies in action when the UPC opens on 1st June 2023.

We are one of the few firms that can use the same team to handle parallel disputes in the EPO, UPC and UK courts, while also coordinating national actions across Europe. The UPC will use the EPO’s law on patentability that our European Patent Attorneys apply every day during EPO opposition proceedings. The UPC’s rules regarding infringement and procedure draw heavily from European jurisdictions where our dispute resolution team have routinely litigated. So our integrated teams have all the relevant experience required to succeed at Europe’s new patent Court.

Our patent attorneys and litigators have already devised UPC litigation and opt out strategies for many of our largest clients’ most important products, giving clients the ability to take a competitor off the market in all 17 UPC states in a single UPC infringement action.

Where our European Patent Attorneys are opposing third party patents, we are ready to launch parallel nullity actions at the UPC and defend our clients against any infringement claims. There are only a few short months provided by the UPC rules for defendants to respond to an action, so using patent attorneys who are already working on the relevant patent will be crucial to a successful defence.

We are unique in that our European litigators and European patent attorneys are all members of the same firm, which results in a truly multidisciplinary team providing end-to-end service for our clients. With more than 200 years of unrivalled experience, we have the knowledge, the contact network, and the track record to represent you each step of the way in this new court.

If you would like to discuss strategic considerations around the UPC, please email your usual Carpmaels contact who will be able to advise alongside our team of European litigators. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have on substantive UPC issues, as well as on practicalities surrounding opt out requests and the Unitary Patent. Our UPC Landscape tool shows the states involved and our UPC Guide provides further information about the features of the new court.

Now that [the] start of the UPC is on the horizon, Carpmaels has several aces up its sleeve.
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