Our History

The First UK Patent Firm
Carpmaels & Ransford has been shaping European intellectual property for over 200 years

A unique heritage

The origins of Carpmaels & Ransford date back to 1776 when James Poole was appointed Clerk of Inventions with the Patent Office of the Attorney General in London

Offering his services to inventors for the sum of 10 guineas, Poole acted as both public patent official and patent agent, to help people through the complex and frustrating process of obtaining a patent.

By the 1820s, Moses Poole, a barrister, had taken over from his father and the two Pooles developed a large and successful patent practice.  In 1835, William Carpmael, an engineer and mechanical draughtsman, joined Moses in partnership and the firm of Poole & Carpmael was established at 4 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn. By the 1850s, Carpmael claimed to have “over half of the current enquiries for patents”.