We match our clients’ creativity with inventive and commercially driven IP strategies


IP experts who understand your technology

With high performance being the driving force for innovation in a number of technical fields, we know that materials are at the heart of many inventions, be it a specialised coating, a screen for a mobile phone, a battery with an extended life time or a medical device with improved biocompatibility.

Our attorneys have specific backgrounds in Materials Science, Chemistry and Engineering bringing together experience from both industry-leading companies and academic research at leading universities. We speak the same language as our clients – we understand the technology and we match our clients’ creativity with inventive and commercially driven IP strategies.

Our expertise and experience covers electrode materials, metallurgy, additive manufacturing, fibre-reinforced resin composites, superconductors, ceramics, synthetic diamond supermaterials, semiconductors, OLEDs, carbon nanotubes, fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries and biocompatible polymers and other biomaterials for drug delivery and medical devices.

We are familiar with the challenges applicants can face during prosecution and how they can be overcome when dealing with the various patent offices, for example, how the EPO handles claims which define a material by reference to parameters and claims directed to alloys. We have an excellent understanding of how to approach these cases to ensure the best outcome.

The global awakening to the environmental impact of single use plastics has created a strong drive for innovation in the field of materials. Being scientists and engineers at heart, we have been following this new drive with fascination and have published a series of papers.

Our client base of leaders and innovators include Nexeon, Teijin, Element Six, Santoku Corporation and Synthes, Carboceramics, Lockheed Martin, Ethicon, Dupont Teijin Films.

“Carpmaels delivers solutions to complex issues and manages our diverse international portfolio with great dexterity and professionalism”.

WTR 1000, 2020


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