We share our clients' enthusiasm for technology and understand the place of each invention in their business


We strive to match your creativity with our own

We understand that innovation is where you create value and that maximising the return from innovation needs to be a collaborative exercise between patent attorney, scientist and business strategist. Because our attorneys are all scientists or engineers at heart, we share your enthusiasm for technology. Understanding the place of each invention in your business, we strive to match your creativity with our own, using our experience to make a difference to your business.

 Our clients are leaders and innovators in the field of materials science and include LG Display, Nexeon, Teijin, Element Six, Santoku Corporation and Synthes. Our expertise and experience covers electrode materials, metallurgy, fibre-reinforced resin composites, superconductors, ceramics, synthetic diamond supermaterials, semiconductors, OLEDs, carbon nanotubes, fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries and biocompatible polymers and other biomaterials for drug delivery and medical devices.

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