Specialists in restoring patent rights lost inadvertently


We’re delighted to have helped so many clients that were faced with losing a patent

Mistakes can occasionally occur even in the most well-oiled docketing systems and renewal procedures. At those times, a deadline or annuity fee payment may be missed, resulting in the loss of a business-critical patent.

Our Restoration Team, headed up by Simon Keevey-Kothari, has proven expertise in restoring rights for our clients at WIPO, the EPO, the UKIPO and beyond. The likelihood of success normally increases with early action, although we also have considerable experience in restoring long lapsed rights.

A restoration may be needed at any stage in the life of a patent, for instance as a result of the late filing of a PCT application causing the loss of priority entitlement or the failure to pay an annuity fee post-grant. Our understanding of restoration practice at intellectual property offices around the world allows us to work effectively and proactively, for instance by interviewing witnesses and procuring persuasive documentary evidence, in order to identify the key issues for a successful restoration of the lost right.

Using our practical insights, we will provide you with advice as to the likely outcome, evidential requirements and the budget for restoration proceedings.

We don’t just rely on our internal know-how, we maintain and continually develop our network of trusted attorneys around the world. Where necessary, restoration efforts are co-ordinated across multiple jurisdictions to maximise chances of success, while streamlining restoration strategies and maintaining cost-effectiveness. When faced with losing a patent, it’s good to know you are in safe hands.

Simon and the Team regularly share insights on key aspects of the restoration process, via external talks, webinars, podcasts and articles, a selection of which can be found on this page.