National Validation

Experienced, efficient and reliable

National Validation

Our quote is not an estimate; it is precisely the cost that will be incurred

Our highly experienced, dedicated National Validation team works with selected overseas attorneys, to provide an efficient and reliable EP grant and national validation service at a competitive price. Using our user-friendly web service, it is quick and easy to provide us with instructions. You can get fixed quotes for both the EP grant procedure and national validation in any combination of available states, and then provide us with instructions online.

Summary of benefits:

Online System
The user-friendly web service allows clients to view fixed quotes for any combination of states available for validation and provide us with all the instructions required for completing the EP grant procedure and national validation in their chosen states.

Value for money
The business is concentrated with selected overseas attorneys, with whom we have secured deep volume discounts that we pass on to our clients.


No hidden costs
By determining how many words are to be translated, we establish the cost of translation in advance. This means that we can give you a fixed price at the outset, with no additional or hidden charges downstream. Our quote is not an estimate; it is precisely the cost that will be incurred.

EP Grant & National Validation
Once a patent has been granted by the European Patent Office (EPO), it is necessary to undertake a number of administrative, legal and procedural steps to ensure that it is effective in the states it is intended to cover. This is known as EP grant and national validation, and is a service we have offered to our clients since the EPO was first established.

Dynamic pricing model
Our secure web platform provides clients with access to details of their cases in the EP grant phase, including copies of related documents.

This happens as soon as the EPO approves the text for grant (Rule 71(3) communication). Our dynamic pricing model means that clients can see the exact cost for validating in any combination of available states. Once instructions are provided, clients receive immediate acknowledgment and a summary of their instructions.

Reliable network
The overseas attorneys we engage were nominated after a rigorous selection procedure based on their ability to live up to our high standards and expectations. They are substantial and well-managed firms that have the ability to prepare accurate and technically idiomatic translations and to conduct the administrative and procedural tasks efficiently and effectively.

If you would like more information or wish to receive a quote for the grant and national validation stages of a pending application for which the Rule 71(3) communication has recently been issued or a validation quote for a recently granted patent, then please contact us.