ICT & Standards

Clients turn to us because we are one of the few European firms with the depth of experience to handle their work

ICT & Standards

Our broad technical and legal knowledge combined with practical experience working with patents and standards is unmatched

The technologies governed by standards are fast-changing and the legal problems encountered in this field are complex. Companies that operate in areas where patents and standards are utilised require a highly specialised skill set from their patent counsel. Sound commercial acumen, combined with the highest level of technical and legal ability, is a pre-requisite.

Our patent attorneys and litigators have a profound understanding of the technologies involved, coupled with many years’ experience in drafting, prosecuting and litigating standard essential patents for some of the world’s leading companies in IT and telecommunications, including GSM, 3G, 3GPP, LTE, DDR SDRAM and DVB. We are one of the few European firms with the depth of experience to handle this important work.

Senior Associate

Standards essentiality counselling and tailored prosecution

For a US client, we provided tailored European patent prosecution to produce a valuable portfolio of patents essential to a variety of DVB standards. This involved a deep understanding of the relevant technical standards and performing essentiality analysis along the way.