Our People

First class degrees, doctorates, prestigious academic awards and personal accomplishments are the order of the day at Carpmaels & Ransford

Our People

We understand the need to blend commercial pragmatism with technical excellence

With first class degrees, doctorates, prestigious academic awards and experience forged from handling the most challenging and important cases, our people are truly experts in their fields. They are enthusiastic and ambitious; they thrive on challenges and the opportunity to unravel complex situations; they relish the opportunity to generate incisive legal strategies and arguments for their clients.

Our people are well-rounded and their accomplishments extend beyond the workplace. We have champion swimmers, rowers, cricketers and skiers. We have people who dance and play musical instruments. Our people like to travel and enjoy food. They value time with family and friends and have a balanced approach to work and personal life.

And that’s not all. Our people have strong values and work hard to live up to the legacy and reputation of the firm. Original and true to themselves, they nevertheless work in a spirit of openness and cooperation with their colleagues.

We are good people to do business with.

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Meet the people that are Carpmaels & Ransford

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