Carpmaels in the Community
Giving our local environment a helping hand

A group of Carpmaels & Ransford employees ventured out to Bloomsbury Square Gardens last week to help The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) on a conservation project. TCV are a charity who work with volunteers to help improve the quality of local green spaces across the UK for the enjoyment of the community. They undertake a range of activities in both urban and rural areas which involves planting trees and wildflower meadows, clearing paths, building stiles and creating new food growing projects.

Our task was to help with TCV’s planting programme in Bloomsbury Square Gardens by planting several hundred  trees as a new secondary hedgerow. The hedgerow will provide screening from nearby roads, increase the biodiversity of the gardens and help to improve air quality.

Bloomsbury Square Gardens is London’s oldest square and dates back to the late 17th Century. It was originally the piazza to the Earl of Southampton’s mansion. Today it is regularly visited by residents and local businesses, providing an oasis in the heart of London.

The TCV team were extremely helpful on the day, giving us tips on how to best plant trees and bulbs. We managed to plant a total of 650 trees by the end of the day which was a great team effort. We are looking forward to seeing the Gardens in full bloom during the spring and summer months.