Carpmaels & Ransford supports graduate diversity with new contextual recruitment system
Following a successful trial for the summer internship programme

Carpmaels & Ransford is using contextual recruitment for this year’s trainee recruitment cycle in partnership with Rare Recruitment, following a successful pilot for the firm’s 2021 summer internship programme.

The contextual recruitment system (CRS) will enable the firm to analyse the A Level achievements of candidates alongside the context in which those achievements were gained, in order to identify high calibre candidates who might otherwise be missed in a typical recruitment process.

As part of the CRS, all candidates are invited to complete a small number of questions relating to their socio-economic background, ensuring that their applications are assessed in light of their wider personal circumstances. The CRS proved highly effective during the recruitment process for the summer internship programme, enabling the firm to hire some talented interns who may not otherwise have been identified.

Hugh Goodfellow, Managing Partner at Carpmaels & Ransford, comments:

“We are really pleased to be using the CRS for our upcoming trainee recruitment cycle. We continue to explore new ways to attract exceptional graduates from the broadest talent pool possible. The CRS will support our efforts in widening access to the profession.”

Carpmaels & Ransford is committed to supporting social mobility and recruiting talented graduates from a wide range of backgrounds.  The firm also provides mentoring and work placements to disadvantaged students through the Social Mobility Foundation which helps high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds apply to top universities and career opportunities.