Ben Husband


Ben has a considerable practice in the MedTech field which covers a broad spectrum of mechanical and software technology.  The ability to handle such a broad spectrum of work is supported by his electronics/software background and passion to understand how mechanical machines operate, especially in the automotive sector.  Ben’s practice also includes original drafting and handling extensive patent portfolios in a variety of technology areas including wireless communications, robotic process automation, call centre routing, and memory devices.  Ben also has a wealth of experience from handling a significant opposition portfolio across a number of different medical and electronics technology areas.

Ben has a genuine interest in advising clients on protecting their software innovation, which includes several clients developing innovative AI solutions and often extends to areas that are at the fringes of patentability.  Ben provides pragmatic advice when it comes to deciding whether patent protection is appropriate and on how the law and guidelines can be navigated when drafting and prosecuting applications for software-based inventions.

Ben is always keen to be involved with any emerging technologies, which currently includes developing best practices for handling work in the AI sector both in his day-to-day work and his membership of The Artificial Intelligence and New Emerging Technologies Committee of the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO).


  • MEng Electronic Engineering (University of Southampton)
  • PhD Electrical & Electronic Engineering (University of Southampton)
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • UPC Representative