Danija Tobatajewa

Technical Assistant

Danija joined the Life Sciences group at Carpmaels & Ransford in 2023. Danija graduated from University College London with a First-Class Honours degree in Biochemistry. During this time, she evaluated how heat-responsive RNA structures differentially operated in various pathogens for her final-year literature review.

Following this, she completed an MSc in Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses at Imperial College London. For her laboratory project, she assessed the impact of chemical modifications on the efficacy of the next generation of RNA vaccines. In particular, she focussed on the introduction of DNA into mRNA and saRNA vaccines, with the goal of decreasing their immunogenicity and improving their chemical and biological stabilities.

In her free time, Danija enjoys making her own clothes, shooting film, and reading. Additionally, she is a language enthusiast, being fluent in Dutch and Russian. She also aspires to enhance her proficiency in the French language.


BSc Biochemistry (University College London)
MSc Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses (Imperial College London)