Harry Bush

Technical Assistant

Having graduated from Merton College, University of Oxford with a first class degree in Chemistry, Harry joined the firm in 2017 as a trainee Patent Attorney. He is gaining experience with work spanning the chemistry and pharmaceuticals teams after studying a broad scope of chemical subject matter at University.

Harry spent his research year working with Cytochrome P450 enzymes under the supervision of Professor Luet Wong. He studied the oxidation of cyclic amines at sites remote to the functional group using a library of enzyme mutants and mutating them in order to improve selectivity. The oxidised products were hoped to be used in drug fragment libraries. During his studies he developed a fondness for mechanistic organic chemistry which was exploited in a summer research project developing radio-labelled fluorine containing sensors for applications in Position Emission Tomography.

In his spare time Harry enjoys gracefully falling down mountains (also known as skiing), evenings at the opera and the odd game of squash.


  • MChem (Oxford)