Harvey Adams


Harvey is a Partner focussing on the Life Sciences and Chemistry sectors. With over 25 years’ experience at first instance and appellate level, Harvey is recognised as one of the leading attorneys and advocates in contentious proceedings before the EPO and is a respected strategist and formidable opponent. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to any contentious matter and has therefore been entrusted with the defence of many important patents for landmark drugs, especially in the context of parallel or anticipated ANDA litigation. In addition to his work in the contentious arena, Harvey is adept at navigating FTO issues and devising prosecution strategies to maximise the strength and reach of clients’ IP. Harvey has extensive experience with due diligence matters and in-depth knowledge of regulatory data protection, orphan drug designations, clinical trial exemptions, and patent term extensions such as SPCs.

Harvey’s practice is focussed on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, including NCEs and prodrug technology, protein and peptide therapeutics, antibodies, immunoconjugates and ADCs, antisense oligonucleotides, gene therapy, glycoengineering, cell and tissue culturing, and protein and peptide display platforms.  In addition to cases directed to APIs, he has been heavily involved in second and third generation patents on drug formulations, drug delivery systems, polymorphs, dosing regimens, and pharmacokinetics.  He has defended many important patents protecting landmark drugs such as Avonex® (interferon beta), Temodal® (temozolomide), Clarinex® (desloratadine), Humira® (adalimumab), Myozyme® (alpha glucosidase), Lexiva® / Telzir® (fosamprenavir), Soliris® (eculizumab), Velcade® (bortezomib), Eloctate® (recombinant Factor VIII), Alprolix® (recombinant Factor IX), Norvir® (ritonavir), Kaletra® (ritonavir and lopinavir), Constella® (linaclotide) and Ninlaro® (ixazomib citrate).  Harvey also practises in the fields of nutritional compositions, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and diagnostics.

Harvey Adams "is simply the best in the life sciences sector".
JUVE Patent 2023


  • MBiochem (University of Oxford)
  • Supplemental Chemical Pharmacology (University of Oxford)
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property Litigation (University of Nottingham)
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • UPC Representative

Key Cases

  • Avonex® – Biogen Idec MA Inc. v Three opponents (Formulation – Interferon beta)
  • Clarinex® – Schering Corporation v Egis Gyogyszergyar (Polymorphs – Antihistamine)
  • Humira® – AbbVie Biotechnology v Thirteen opponents (Indication – Anti-TNF alpha antibody)
  • Lexiva® – Vertex Pharmaceuticals v Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Prodrug – Antiretroviral)
  • Velcade® – The United States of America v Seven opponents (New Chemical Entity – Proteasome inhibitor)