James Channer

Technical Assistant

James works within the firm’s Engineering and Tech teams. Since arriving at Carpmaels & Ransford, he has worked in diverse fields of technology which range from drill bits through to systems based on practical applications of quantum mechanics. James has developed particular experience in the field of medical devices such as catheters for ENT surgery, surgical staplers and advanced devices for in-vitro diagnosis of infectious diseases.

James joined Carpmaels & Ransford in 2016 having graduated from the University of Durham with a first-class Masters degree in Theoretical Physics. Whilst at Durham he won the Physics Award for Outstanding Achievement three times. In his final year project he studied chaos in systems of quantum vortices via computational simulation. In a summer studentship his research in the field of superconductors resulted in a simplification to a mathematical model of Josephson Junctions. James has also completed an internship at BAE Systems, primarily in software development and testing.

Outside of the office, James enjoys keeping fit by running, rowing or cycling. He also plays the piano but recommends that others remain out of earshot.


  • MPhys (Theoretical Physics)