Jonathon Woodward


Jonny bridges the Chemistry and Engineering and Tech practice groups, and handles a wide range of subject matter. His focus is novel materials, such as fiber-reinforced polymers, semiconductors and nanomaterials, and medical devices such as surgical staplers, electro-catheters and battery powered contact lenses. Nevertheless, his work extends beyond this to more “conventional” consumer products and even clothing. Jonny has experience of all stages of a patent’s lifecycle, including portfolio management and extensive patent prosecution work. Jonny’s work coordinating opposition proceedings at the Europe Patent Office has led to the successful revocation of several European patents.

Jonny graduated from the University of Oxford with a first class degree in Engineering after focusing on Materials Science and Mechanics. He was awarded the IMechE Frederic Barnes Waldron Prize for the best Mechanical Engineering student in final examinations. Whilst studying, he was also awarded a Gibbs Prize for best group performance in a project that designed a high speed carbon fiber flywheel for use in a hybrid bus. During his last year at university, he took over a long-term project to develop a supersonic calibration facility for multi-hole air probes used in turbo-machinery flow measurements, and brought the facility to the stage where the first calibration data could be collected.

When he’s not working, Jonny enjoys cycling, climbing mountains and exploring new places. He is also a keen skier and SCUBA diver.


  • MEng (University of Oxford)
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • CertIP Certificate in Intellectual Property Law