Narin Cundy-Hengrung


Narin joined Carpmaels & Ransford in September 2019 as a Trainee Patent Attorney in the Life Sciences group. He read Natural Sciences, specialising in Biochemistry, at Clare College, University of Cambridge, graduating with a first class Master’s degree and gaining the Richard Perham Prize for outstanding performance in his final year. Following this, he moved to Christ Church, University of Oxford to pursue a DPhil in Structural Biology, and in his final year there, was awarded the Goodger Research Scholarship. Immediately before joining Carpmaels & Ransford, Narin was a Postdoctoral Training Fellow at the Francis Crick Institute in London.

During his DPhil, Narin worked to uncover the molecular details of the replication of influenza viruses. Specifically, he used X-ray crystallography to solve the 3D atomic structure of the influenza virus polymerase, the molecular machine that copies and transcribes the viral genome. This work helped reveal the complex mechanism of the polymerase and contributed to several publications in high-impact journals, including two in Nature.

Narin’s postdoctoral work focussed on investigating the structure and mechanism of nucleosome remodelling complexes, using cryo-electron microscopy and biophysical methods. He has also had the chance to be involved in undergraduate tutoring and public engagement.

Away from the office, Narin enjoys cooking and playing badminton. In addition, he is a fan of the occasional pub quiz.


  • Registered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • MSci and MA Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)
  • DPhil Structural Biology (University of Oxford)
  • CertIP Certificate in Intellectual Property Law