Peter Herrick


Peter assists clients in the development of their patent portfolios in a variety of contexts, from the meticulous identification and protection of a client’s patentable inventions, to the thorough evaluation of the strength and scope of the patents of their competitors. He entered the profession in 2013 and holds both a first class degree in Natural Sciences (Physics) and a PhD in Medical Imaging from the University of Cambridge.

Peter’s specialist knowledge lies in medical imaging technology, particularly MR radiofrequency coil design and methods of PET signal correction. Nevertheless, he retains a broad understanding of theoretical and experimental physics from his Natural Sciences course, including a robust grounding in optics, electromagnetism, mechanics and thermodynamics, enabling him to tackle a variety of work for a variety of clients in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Drawing on the tenacity and focus required by his PhD, alongside the generalist approach of a Natural Sciences course, Peter can identify and understand the technology behind a client’s invention with ease, providing a detailed analysis of the salient issues.  He enjoys helping a client evaluate the relative merits of different options, as they consider their portfolio management.

Outside of work, Peter particularly enjoys outdoor pursuits such as skiing and hillwalking and he spent a season qualifying as ski instructor in Fernie, British Columbia. He also enjoys more temperate sporting pursuits, and has spent considerable time on the river rowing as a lightweight blue for Cambridge. An enthusiastic reader, Peter particularly enjoying authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and he regularly sings with his local choir.


  • MSci and MA Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)
  • PhD Medical Imaging (University of Cambridge)
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • CertIP Certificate in Intellectual Property Law