Srayan Gangopadhyay

Technical Assistant

Srayan joined the Engineering and Tech teams at Carpmaels & Ransford in 2023 as a Trainee Patent Attorney. He graduated from Imperial College London with an integrated Master’s degree in Physics, focusing on practical and applied areas with modules such as Medical Physics and Instrumentation.

Srayan’s biophotonics-focused MSci project centred on high-resolution optical projection tomography (OPT) for the volumetric imaging of transparent mesoscopic samples, particularly embryos. The project involved constructing and characterising an OPT system for use in transmission and fluorescence modes, before developing prototype hardware and software to enable alternative imaging types, including darkfield and phase contrast.

In his spare time, Srayan enjoys learning German, playing the guitar, and bouldering with friends.


  • MSci Physics (ARCS) (Imperial College London)