Discover IP
The Carpmaels & Ransford podcast which brings you insights into the patent profession so you can understand if it might be the career path for you

Hosted by Senior Associate Ben Chapman, the series includes a range of guests from around the firm who share their experiences of working in IP.


Episode 1: What is a patent?

Ben chats to Russell Woolley, Senior Associate in the Chemistry & Materials teams, about what a patent is, how they are used and why they are valuable to businesses.


Episode 2: What is a patent attorney?

Ben chats to Russell Woolley about the different careers paths available in IP, the role of a patent attorney and the training required to become one.


Episode 3: How I became a patent attorney

Ben chats to Ismaeel Karmani, trainee patent attorney in the Engineering & Tech teams, about the key transferable skills from your undergraduate degree which will be useful as a patent attorney and how to work out whether it might be the right career for you.


Episode 4: A day in the life of a patent attorney

Ben chats to Lileth Rees, a part qualified patent attorney in the Life Sciences Group, about what the working day of a patent attorney looks like, as well as preparing for the industry exams.


Episode 5: Making the jump from industry to IP

Ben chats to Dan Goudie, a patent attorney in the Engineering and Tech teams, about why he decided to leave a career in engineering for intellectual property and how he found the transition.


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