Our team understands the challenges and rewards of pharmaceutical formulation


We secure strong formulation patents, defend them at multi-opponent EPO oppositions and support them in national litigations

Formulation of active ingredients is a complex field requiring understanding of organic and physical chemistry, materials science and physiology, and patents covering formulation inventions can provide crucial exclusivity for blockbuster pharmaceuticals.

The Pharmaceuticals team brings this understanding to bear in successfully defending formulation patents covering commercial products at the EPO, and in providing vital technical support in national litigations. The unparalleled contentious experience of the Carpmaels & Ransford team feeds into thoughtful drafting and prosecution advice.

Defended capsule formulation patent for top selling drug

We successfully defended Novartis’ Tasigna® (nilotinib) capsule formulation patent in proceedings against four opponents before the EPO’s opposition division. Tasigna® is approved for treating various forms of chronic myeloid leukemia and is one of Novartis’ biggest selling drugs.

We also successfully defended Novartis’ polymorph patent covering Tasigna® at the EPO.